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Players become better players when they are developed as people, not just as athletes.

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Course curriculum

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  • 1

    Character University | Developing Players Beyond The Game

    • Who Are You? Understanding your history and biography and how it affects you today.
    • Your Personal Brand: Identifying the messages you're sending through appearance and character.
    • Choose Your Circle Wisely: Identifying the assets and liabilities in your friendships.
    • Choice - Decisions - Consequences
  • 2

    All In!! | Helping Players Buy Into The Program

    • Energy Is Everything: Understanding energy and body language.
    • Know Your Role: Identifying how you can best help the team.
    • Jealousy Is The Enemy: Breaking the curse of comparisons.
    • Trust The Program: Remembering why you chose this coach, program, and school.
  • 3

    Healthy Relationships | Identifying Toxic Relationships with Intimate Partners, Friends, and Family

    • Do You Have Friends or Frienemies?: Recognizing the signs of fake friends.
    • What Is A Toxic Relationship?: Uncovering the red flags we miss in relationships.
    • Don't Suffer In Silence: Learning how to find allies while in a relationship.
    • Family Can Be Toxic: Learning how to deal with toxic family members.