• Are these courses for all student athletes?

    Yes! Any student athlete can partake in these courses and gain insight and inspiration. Some of the videos are geared toward teams and may not be relevant to athletes to who don't a play team sport.

  • How often should teams watch the courses?

    In the main course, Character University, there are several courses. We recommend splitting the courses up over the course of a year. One course could be watched in training camp. Another can be watched after the season. The relationship course would be watched in February. Some Coaches do constant personal development with their players. In that case, we recommend one video per week followed by a short team discussion.

  • How long do we have access to the courses?

    From the day you purchase a course, you have 365 days until the license expires. We will be updating and adding new courses periodically based on your feedback about what your team needs. If you'd like to take your new players through the course and have a refresher for the returning players, you'd license the course each season.

  • How should we administer the course?

    We believe the best practice is to have a coach lead the weekly discussion. Show the team a video, then have them write in their notebook answering 1-3 questions from the video. In addition to or replacing the written exercise, the coach should lead a discussion prompting the players with questions.